Sahira has studied middle eastern dance, or belly dance, extensively from world class instructors. She is also educated in human movement and performance, making her an excellent instructor. She has worked as an instructor not just in belly dance, but also in group fitness, personal training, skiing, mountain biking, and gymnastics. Sahira has performed in restaraunts as well as at events such as Global Fest, IASEC events, the Calgary Women's Show, The Festival of the Nile, and the Glenbow Museum's Egyptian Exhibit.

Private Lessons

Sahira offers both private and semi - private lessons on a range of belly dance topics.

Performance by Sahira & Troope

Sahira's Dance Company is made up women who are passionate about Belly Dance! These women have years of dance experience along with flawless technique. Enjoy their beautiful costumes and mesmerizing hips.


Sahira's dance performances are a fun and interactive addition to any restaraunt or festive event.

Sahira offers lessons & performance in Calgary, AB.




Sahira offers fun classes that focus both on technique and improving overall fitness. Level 2 and 3 classes also generally contain a choreography component.